Will All Drugs Become Legal?

It’s almost impossible to find a family that doesn’t have problems with drugs. More than one trillion dollars has been spent fighting the ‘war on drugs.’ Despite this, it is estimated 72,000 people died from drug overdoses in the U.S. in 2017, more than car accidents and gun deaths. Could this lead to America legalizing all drugs in the future?

Prohibition of drugs in US has caused massive incarceration. There are countries, like Portugal, that have adopted full decriminalization of all drugs. After suffering a heroin epidemic, this European nation changed drug abuse from a criminal issue to a public health issue. Possession for personal use is no longer a crime, but instead you are offered treatment, and maybe given a sanction, such as a fine or have your social benefits frozen. The addicts deserve the same dignity that people that suffer from other kind of diseases, and the state has responsibility to provide them all the care that is equated to their condition.

This is a must see documentary produced by Newsweek reporter Holly Snelling that features an interview with one of our directors and speakers about the disease of addiction, Nancy Espuche.

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