Letter from the University of Minnesota, Department of Neuroscience

Letter from the University of Minnesota, Department of Neuroscience to Elina Wivholm, Founder & President of Chris Wivholm Foundation.

September 1, 2020

Dear Elina,

The addiction crisis in our country has reached alarming levels, with one in seven Americans struggling with substance abuse.

Though a lot has changed in our world over the past several months, our team of scientists and clinicians remains steadfast in finding hope for individuals living with addiction. Thanks to your generous donations providing seed money for our work, we are thrilled to share with you that the University was recently awarded a $9.9 million federal grant to establish the Center for Neural Circuits in Addiction.

This incredible award will enable researchers and scientist-clinicians to better understand how the circuits that control emotions, motivation, and decision-making are altered by addiction and recovery. As research has shown that addiction and relapse result from changes to neural circuits through repeated exposure to drugs in some people. This is essential to finding new, more effective therapies.

On October 6 at noon, we will host a webinar where our team will be discussing the exciting strides, we are making in battling addiction. Please join us to learn firsthand how your gifts are being used to fight the addiction epidemic. We will send you registration information soon.

Your generosity has a far-reaching impact in the fight to ease the relentless suffering felt by those afflicted with addiction and those who love them. We are truly grateful for your support!


Timothy Ebner, MD, PhD
Professor and Head, Department of Neuroscience Max E. and Mary LaDue Pickworth Endowed Chair in Neuroscience

Mark Thomas, PhD
Director, Medical Discovery Team on Addiction Professor, Department of Neuroscience

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