Remembering Jessica Marie Shipley Seeker

My beautiful daughter had numerous health issues throughout her life. From having 20% hearing in her right ear to having disc problems that made her right leg swollen for many years. She was prescribed more pain pills than any one person should ever have. This caused her to became addicted to opioids. After the death of her stepson Owen in 2015, and her dad Brian in 2016, she went to treatment and became clean. I was so proud of her, but little did I know she had turned to alcohol after a couple of breakups with boyfriends. Jessica passed away on May 6th 2018 at the age of 37 of an Ethenal overdose. She leaves behind her 16 year old son Cade who was the best thing that ever Happened to her. I miss my baby girl desperately, she was a beautiful woman, with a light up the world smile, and the best mom to Owen and Cade.

Jessica’s mom
Teresa Kohman


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