The following statement from University of Minnesota Addiction Neuroscience Research summarizes the reason we want to raise money to support this cause: 

“We know that drug abuse is a nervous system disorder and that its ultimate treatment and cure will depend on a comprehensive understanding of the pathological effects of drugs on the brain.”

The addiction crisis in our country has reached alarming levels, with one in seven Americans struggling with substance abuse. One of emergency goals of the opioid crisis is to “support cutting-edge research on addiction and pain”.  

Addiction also affects family, loved one and friends of those, who suffer from this disease. Opioids addiction happens and takes our loved ones so fast that we feel powerless and incapable of helping them.

Our other goals include the following financial support for:

  • High School academic scholarships for kids, who struggle with addiction but still graduate. 
  • Professional institutions that provide inpatient and outpatient care
  • Starting sober houses and halfway houses

Chris Wivholm Foundation was recently acknowledged by the University of Minnesota, Department of Neuroscience.  As a result of our donations providing seed money for the research work of the Medical Discovery Team on Addition, the University was recently awarded a $9.9 million federal grant to establish the Center for Neural Circuits in Addiction.

This incredible award will enable researchers and scientist-clinicians to better understand how the circuits that control emotions, motivation, and decision-making are altered by addiction and recovery. As research has shown that addiction and relapse result from changes to neural circuits through repeated exposure to drugs in some people. This is essential to finding new, more effective therapies.


Next Steps...

We are raising money for a great cause to support University of Minnesota Medical Discovery Team on Addiction - Strategy to Develop New Therapies for Opioid-Use Disorder.