We created this website to remember Chris Wivholm, whose life was short but affected many. He had the biggest heart and was full of life. He made people laugh and many remember that about him along with riding in his cars and enjoying life. He also was a world traveler and had friends of different cultures and backgrounds. Chris was creative rap artist and most importantly  he was the best son anyone could ask for!

Unfortunately, we did not know about Chris struggles until he was fully addicted to heroin.  His first exposure to it happened when he had his wisdom teeth removed in high school. Chris tried to stay sober and be “normal” until in February of 2018 he was taken to a hospital and given opioids for emergency surgery.  That triggered dangerous craving once again. He was trying hard to overcome his illness but unfortunately for him there was no fast cure available. There is still shame and stigma and he did not want to be a burden for his family.  He untimely passed away on March 30, 2018 at the age of 21 due to accidental overdose. His toxicology report showed a high fentanyl presence.

We were surprised to find how many people suffer from addiction, it does not spare any family. It is truly world epidemy that needs immediate attention and action!  Almost every person we talk to can relate because they know someone struggling.

We don’t want anyone to go through this tragedy and we chose to support several initiatives to stop opioids and other addiction and help change the stigma about this terrible illness.

We founded this organization to collect donation to help to stop this epidemic! All donations to this organization will go to support:

  • Cutting-edge brain research to treat at the University of Minnesota that will focus on “the development of novel non-addictive pain treatments, vaccines that prevent opioids from reaching the brain, and the establishment of multi-modal treatment facilities that target teen opioid abusers before the often-devastating effects of addiction can fully take hold”
  • High School academic scholarship at Eden Prairie High School for kids, who persevered and graduated in spite of struggle with personal issues or illness including addiction.

Chris's Friends Share Their Memories

If you would like to share something about Chris too please reach out! That is the best gift we can ask for!