Alex Peterson’s Recovery Story

The Journey to Recovery

By Becky Jerve

Ten Years!  That is how long I waited for my son to realize that drugs were not the reason for his being!  After all the struggles, the long nights, the rehab stints, the “tough love”, the theft, the lying….I have my son back.  He has become an amazing man through his recovery, one that would make any parent proud.  He lives one day at a time and that is all I can ask of him.  He is a joy to be around, funny, smart and loving.

When I sat down to write this article, I made notes on how Alex’s eyes have a sparkle now and how he can tell a story and make me laugh, but that doesn’t really talk about his recovery.  So, I feel the best way to talk about his recovery, is to have him tell you about it.

“The drugs and alcohol were not the problem. They never were. They were the solution to me feeling alone in a room full of people. They were the validation and support I needed when I tuned out the cheering of my friends and family. They were the answer to all the problems of the world. The caveat to that is trauma and life circumstances were never the reason I became an alcoholic and addict. I have a mental obsession, a literal physical allergy and a spiritual malady that keeps me separated from my fellows. It was only when I accepted that I am no better that you, no worse than others; that if I could accept that I had no control and no power was I able to make any steps towards recovery. Nothing that my mom did or could do was going to make me sober. I had to be beaten into a sense of reason by my insane and dangerous decisions. It is from that “jumping off point” that I was able to begin the process of recovering from this seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. Even to this day, as a free man, I must daily recognize that I have a job to do it and it is the only thing that will keep me sober…and that it is help someone else. My life is beautiful beyond anything I could ever comprehended. But if my recovery does not come first, then I will lose it all.” – Alex Peterson

Before I finish, there is something I want to share…something Alex has taught me throughout his using and recovery.  My prayers go out to all parents, spouses, siblings and friends who deal with addiction and recovery day after day.

I thank my son, the addict for

  1. Making me realize that I am a good mom
  2. For bringing me closer to God
  3. For allowing me to educate others on addiction and be support for others
  4. To understand what “One Day at a Time” truly means
  5. For Forgiveness
  6. Helping me grow as a person
  7. Realizing what is important in life
  8. To not be so judgmental of others
  9. Introducing me to the 12 Steps and Serenity Prayer
  10. To love the person, but hate the addiction

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  1. There is much to be grateful for in this life, and this story of hope and struggle makes my heart happy. I’ve always loved how “real” you are but never knew the reasons behind it. Good on you and Alex for sharing your personal and powerful journey.

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